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Reels Tip Sheet - Digital Download

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 If you are a follower of my shop on Instagram, you will likely know by know how much I LOVE REELS. They are my bread & butter, my creative outlet, my passion and in all honestly, my SECRET WEAPON to growing my small business. 

To put it bluntly... if you are a small business and you aren't utilizing reels quite yet, WHAT in the world are you doing? What is stopping you?

 Maybe you've been repeating the same ol’ mantra of...

 “I’m scared of looking foolish”


  “It’s too hard”

OR the classic....

 “I’m just not good with technology”,


I understand that mentality and, first & foremost, I want you to know that those fears are entirely valid. It can be intimidating but I am here to help you shift that mindset.

I have poured my heart & soul into creating this 30+ page digital download to hopefully provide a few key tips & tricks that I’ve learned over the the past two+ years and more importantly, over the creation of 400+ reels, aka HUNDREDS UPON HUNDREDS of hours of content creation.

My hope is this tip sheet will provide you with a confidence boost to get you started, think of it as a set of training wheels to help get you moving in the right direction. These are a collection of ALL the takeaways I WISH I knew from the start. 

Before we get started and you hit PURCHASE (Thank YOU SO MUCH in advance) I just wanted to give a DISCLAIMER… the recommendations included in this digital download are a collection of tips that have worked for ME… they are simply guidelines. They are NOT hard & fast rules. Others might have conflicting opinions or shortcuts not discussed in the following pages so please keep in mind, these are a collection of the key takeaways that have worked for me.