first look club


One of the MOST frequently asked questions over the past two years has been …. “ Can I buy this presale ? ! ” 

Have you ever noticed an item in one of my reels that you just MUST have but your boss scheduled a meeting at the EXACT time the collection launches, or your kiddo has swimming lessons on Friday mornings at 9AM every week, or LIFE simply gets in the way…guess what…there is now a way to secure that piece, there is now the perfect solution… introducing....


As many of you know from firsthand experience, the answer has, until now, always been a firm NO to presale but the day has FINALLY arrived …. With the introduction of the FIRST LOOK CLUB, you now have the opportunity to shop all my website curated collections BEFORE the general public! Even better… there are EXTRA PERKS involved as well! Keep reading to find out more! 



1. Early Access to all Curated Collections on my Website

As a member of the First Look Club, you will be provided early access to all curated collections launched on my website. Collections will become available to shop 10-12 hours before launches. For example, Tuesday evening launches will be available to shop at 9AM for Members.
Cool, right?!

2. Try On Appointments 

First Look Members will now have the opportunity to schedule try on appointments at Middle Child HQ. If there is an available item you can’t quite figure out if it will fit & you want to try it on before purchasing, you can now schedule a try on appointment almost any day/time of the week! 

Please note items WILL NOT be held until the day of your appointment. As a result, there is a chance the item(s) could sell before your appointment.  I will notify you before your appointment if it has sold. 

BONUS PERK - If you schedule a try on appointment, you can also let me know if you are looking for a specific clothing item (example; tweed blazer, black long sleeve, white blouse etc), and I will pull any corresponding stock I may have for your appointment. These are items that have not yet been listed on my website.

3. Early Access to all Sales & Promo Codes 

First Look Members will be provided all sale promo codes 24 hours before they are announced to the general public! AKA You get FIRST DIBS at amazing deals! Perhaps there is sweater you can’t stop thinking about… now you have the chance to snatch it up at a DISCOUNTED PRICE before almost everyone else! 


The First Look Club is $8 / MONTH ( tax included ) , equivalent to the cost of one medium Tim Horton’s coffee a week (x4 for the month). 
You can sign up to become a First Look Club Member anytime throughout the month HOWEVER PLEASE NOTE the membership operates with the calendar month. **** As such, the optimal time to sign up is at the beginning of each month to get the full benefits! For example if you sign up on September 26th, you will only receive the benefits until September 30th. Membership benefits commence on the 1st of each month whereby a new access password will be emailed out. 


If you have a busy schedule and you are constantly missing out on my collection launches because of …. well… just LIFE! This could be the solution to your problem. 

I am piloting this new membership since I understand that life is busy…  ESPECIALLY now that the world back in full swing & everyone has about a million events to attend, sometimes your schedule might not align with my launches! I wanted to give people the opportunity to shop my collections with a little less stress and help your odds at getting the pieces you want! 

Another reason you might want to sign up is to simply support my small business! There is absolutely no pressure to do so, but just know if you do decide to become a Member, you are helping me be able to keep running Middle Child Vintage! As an entrepreneur, it isn’t always easy and I am constantly brainstorming new ways I can add value for my customers while also enabling Middle Child to be a sustainable business venture that I can continue to run for years to come! 



On the drop down header of my website home page, click “shop”, click “first look club”, click “purchase a membership” , add the membership to your cart & proceed to checkout. 
Please note after purchase you will receive an email with password access information & try on appointment details each month. 



Please note this a PILOT PROGRAM! I am just one person running this small business full time and I am always trying to find new ways to provide value while creating new revenue streams that will enable me to keep running MCV and ultimately help save clothing from landfills.  I am always happy & eager to hear your feedback so I continue to learn, listen and grow!